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FB-B03 Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

  • Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Plate

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Model: FB-B03

Effective Cleaning Width: 1200mm

Feed Inlet Dimension: 1200×400mm

Length of Work Piece: 1200-6000mm

Conveying Speed (stepless regulation):0.5-4m/min

Thickness of Steel Plate: 3-60mm

Specifications of Steel Plate: 800×300mm

Shot Peening Qty: 4×250kg/min

First Input Volume: 3000kgs

Roll Brush Adjustment Width: 200mm

Air Volume: 17560m3/h

Shape Dimension: 12180×4250×7095mm

Depth under the Ground: 1616mm

Total Power (not including dust removal):78.3kw

Total Weight: 20.4t

FB-B03 Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine is a multi-functional shot blasting equipment for steel products. The shooting direction is multi-dimensional. When the machine is on, intensive high speed shot beam is shot to the surface of the target work piece from multi dimensions and the corrosion layer, welding slag, mill scale and other contaminants will be completely cleaned. In the end, the processed work piece will get a clean rough surface and the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface is greatly improved, meanwhile, the fatigue resistance and anti-corrosion performance of the work piece is also improved, which will help prolong the service life of the work piece.

Widely applicable for cleaning H shape steel, structural steel, steel plate, etc.


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