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Can I sandblast wood?

The answer is YES.
There are various options for removing paint from wood. These options include sandblasting, heat stripping, and chemical strippers. Heat works well at stripping the paint but also dries out the wood. This may lead to shrinkage and warping. The danger of creating a fire is very real especially during warm summers. Chemical strippers involve using very strong acids and bases. Finishes may vary based on the amount of chemicals used. The balance of moisture in the wood is very important and harsh chemicals may upset the moisture content of your wood. Sandblasting wood is not something every sandblaster can do. It takes MUCH experience and more artistic skill than is necessary for other common surfaces as it is a very delicate operation. Only our most experienced operators are used for working on wood. Sandblasted wood will need to be sealed or finished and sealed soon after blasting to prevent water damage.
Feng Blast Recommendation:
FB-M07 Pressure Sand Blaster