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How to choose the right sandblasting equipment?

Normally, there are six aspects that you need to take into consideration, which are listed as below for your reference.

1. According to the required sandblasting effect, generally speaking, the sandblasting effect is mostly decided by the abrasive sand, which covers from the strong effect metal sand to the soft effect resin sand. Meanwhile, dry or liquid sandblaster will all also make difference. Customer can decide by trial on the samples.
2. According to the production efficiency, customer can decide whether to choose automatic type, semi-automatic type, pressure feed type, high pressure type or suction type by their own processing capacity.
3. According to the work piece size, customer needs to choose the right sandblaster, which has big enough working cabinet to suit the work piece.
4. According to the compressed air requirement, normally the air compressor capacity should be 20% higher than rated requirement to protect the air compressor.
5. According to the after sale service, good after sale service will make customer feel reassuring to buy the sandblasting equipments.
6. According to the price, only the professional supplier can provide products of good cost performance, customer always need products of good cost performance.
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