Sandblasters, sand blasting equipments

About us

We Ningbo Qianfeng Machinery Company, established in 1998, is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter for all kinds of sandblasting equipments, specializing in researching, designing and manufacturing ideal sandblasting tools for our customers.

Our product range is big, covering from traditional Pressure feed sandblaster, Suction feed sandblaster to Automatic blasters, from Portable sand blaster, Shot sand blaster, Sandblast room to Dust-free complete system. All these tools can be well used for the pretreatment of electroplating/painting /coating/oxidization industry etc., removing the metal oxide/charcoal black/rusts on metal or non-metal surface, matte surface processing of mould/mould cleaning, eliminating superficial injuries of metal/non-metal items, etching patterns processing, removing tiny burrs of machinery/plastic injection parts, sandblasting jeans for white and cat’s whisker effect, etc.

It’s been over 10 years since we manufactured and supplied for the Chinese-domestic sandblasting market and over 6 years for the overseas sandblasting market. Now we’re one of the leader manufacturers and suppliers in China for the sandblasting equipments, the key is that we win not only the quality, but also the service. 

We have passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, relying on the good management, quality products and the after sale service, we have created good economic benefits and social benefits.

We have strong capability of R&D, in the recent years we developed many new items according to the client requirement, and we'll definitely get more in next few years. 

We have reassuring product warranty. For the normal sand blasting series, we guarantee 2-years warranty (except the DIY items, except the easily worn parts).

If you're interested in our sand blasting equipments, contact us freely. We'll always be your reliable partner / supplier for the sandblasting equipments. Even though you want to find a producer for OEM order, or just want to find a good quality machines for promotion.  We'll always have the right people and right products to meet your requests. We are always there for you.