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What’s the difference between sand blasting and shot blasting?

Both sand blasting and shot blasting are mechanical surface cleaning process. But the principle and application are different.
Sand blasting takes compressed air as its power and shots the high speed abrasive sand stream to the surface of work piece. Due to the impacting and cutting effect of the abrasive sand, the work piece surface is completely cleaned, at the same time, the surface quality and mechanical performance is greatly improved. Processed work piece will have better fatigue resistance and adhesion force, which will help the coating have smooth level and last much longer.
Shot blasting takes the centrifugal force of the high speed rotating disk to shot the steel shots to the work piece surface. After processing, the work piece will have finishing effect and generate pressure stress to improve fatigue strength. Compared with sand blasting, shot blasting do not generate silicon dust and have less pollution to the environment.
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