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FB-B01 Hook Type Shot Blaster

  • Hook Shot Blasting Machine B01

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Model: FB-B01

Speed: 3100rpm

Impeller diameter: ¢360mm

Shot Volume: 120×2kg/min

Clean room size: 1400 ×1400×1800mm

Max. clean-up size: ¢600×1100mm

Clean-up time per hook: 7-15mins for casting work piece, 5-12mins for forging work piece.

Hook number: 2pcs

Lifting capacity: 15t/h

Air volume: 3000m3/h

Total power: 19.8kw

Outer dimension: 4100×2200×4750mm

Filter dimension: 1000×680×2600mm

1. Free of pit, convenient installation.

2. High working efficiency, good cleaning quality, stable performance.

3. Independent working for the 2 hooks, good for improving production efficiency.

4. Hooks taking advantage of the Planet Principle, avoiding the two-sided effect for the work piece.

5. Double dust removal system, cyclone de-dusting plus cartridge filter, air emission in accordance with environmental protection standards.

Applicable for cleaning and reinforcing the surface of afraid-of-impact work pieces, like casting items, heat treatment items, aluminum items, stainless steel items, etc.