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FB-B02 Cylinder Type Shot Blaster

  • Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

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Model: FB-B02

Cylinder diameter: 1000mm

Cylinder inner length: 800mm

Rotation speed: 3r/min

Max. valid volume: 0.1m3

Max. loading weight: 300kgs

Work piece length:400mm

Single work piece weight: 15kgs

Production rate: 600-1500kgs

Shot volume: 100kgs/min

Impeller diameter: 420mm

Impeller speed: 2300r/min

Shot speed: 60m/s

Sucking air volume: 800m3/h

Separating efficiency: 96%

Outer dimension: 2078×2165×1861mm

Total weight: 3000kgs

1.Taking advantage of high-efficiency rotating impeller to shot the shots into the cylinder and keep turning over the casting and forging work piece, good cleaning quality and high efficiency.

2.Equipped with dust removal system, free of ventilation restriction when installed.

3.Equipped with stoppage device, easy handling.

Applicable for cleaning the moulding sand and mill scale of casting and forging work piece,etc.