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FB-S03 Suction Sandblasting Machine

  • Siphon Sandblaster

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Model: FB-S02

Cabin dimension: 900×600×580mm

Illuminating light: 220V, 13W energy-saving light

Load bearing: 80kgs

Net weight: 230kgs

Power supply: 220V,50HZ

Separator motor: 220V, 50HZ, 550W

Separator air flow: 8.5m3/min

Compressed air supply: 2~7bar (kg/cm2)

De-dust method: Using gag type dust collector, including air-driven automatic and manual de-dust methods.

1. Adopting no-barrier design technology, making sure sand recovering, feeding and blasting smoothly.

2. Adding voltage stabilizer, pressure regulator, oil atomizer to the compressed air inlet, ensuring gun pressure keeping stable in the process of working and solenoid valve working normally, improving the life of bag type dust collector.

3. Independent pipeline systems for dust removal and sand recovery.

4. With natural air inlet above the observation window, the window always in clean state.

5. Compact structure, reasonable layout, simple maintenance.

1.Pre-treatment before electroplating and paint spraying to improve adhesion.

2.Cleaning: casting,forging, pressing, de-oxide, de-rust and old piece renewal.

3.Polishing: all metal products, glass and plasthetics, surface treatment of jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches.

1. Machine: 1set

2. Operation manual: 1pc

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