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FB-S01 Suction Feed Sandblaster

  • Siphon Sandblasting Machine S01

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Model: FB-S01

Cabin dimension:1000×1000×800mm

Dimension of the falling door: 760×830mm

Dimension of the dust collector: 560×560×1600mm

Power supply:220V, 50Hz

Illuminating light:220V, 13W energy-saving light


Loading capacity:150—300kgs

Compressed air supply: 2—8bar (kg/cm2)

1. Professional designed and beautiful outlook.

2. Manual rotary disc, could be fixed or extended, take and put work piece freely and conveniently.

3. Simple operation and automatic abrasive circulation.

4. Little dust, good for environmental protection.

Suitable for sand blasting heavy work piece, such as all kinds of moulds, carved stone, casting, die shoes, silica-gel, motor, aluminum rim etc. or blade repairing.

1. Machine: 1set

2. Operation manual: 1pc

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