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FB-P01 Pressure Feed Sandblaster

  • P01 Pressure Sand Blaster

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Model: FB-P01

Working unit dimension: 1000×1000mm

Cabinet door size: 760×830mm

Dedusting cabinet dimension: 560×560×1600 mm

Power/Lighting: 220V/50Hz, 220V/13W energy saving lamp

Motor of separator: 220V/50Hz/110W

Air Volume: 8.5m3/min

Working Pressure: 2-7bar(kg/cm2)

1.Novel design, Nice appearance.

2.Manual turn plate could be fixed or extended, easy picking and placing the work pieces.

3.Big sandblasting quantity, fast speed and strong impact power

4.Easy handling, abrasives auto-cycling.

5.Little dust, environmental friendly.

Suitable for sandblasting heavy work pieces, like all kinds of moulds, stone carving art wares, casting items, motor processing, and repairing aluminum wheel rims/aluminum blades, etc.

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