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FB-P03 Cyclone Separation Sandblasting Machine

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Model: FB-P03

Dimension of work cabin: 1000×1000×800mm

Power supply: 380V, 50HZ


Illuminating light: 220V/13W energy conserving light

Air supply:5-8bar(kg/cm2)

Flow rate: 1.5m3/min

Dust collection motor: 380V, 50HZ, 2200W

1. Novel design, scientific structure, easy operation, good processing performance.

2. Cyclone separating automatic sand recovery, suitable for 30# and 180# sand.

3. High blasting efficiency, deep sweeping point and instantaneous controlling system.

4. Pressure tank equipped with newly developed vent valve, avoiding the common problems of average pressure tank.

5. Automatic sand and dust separating system, abrasive saving and environmental friendly.

Applicable for rapid sand blasting medium or small sized unit and high hardness unit, such as clearance of casting work piece, heat treatment work piece, burrs and residues, also applicable for surface polishing, pre-treatment before electroplating, especially for corundum and glass bead blasting.

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