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FB-W01 Water Sandblaster

  • Wet Sandblasting Machine W01

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Model: FB-W01

Size: 900×700×1200mm

Working unit dimension: 900×700×600mm

Power: 220V/50Hz/550W

Cabinet material: glass fiber reinforced plastics

1.Compact structure, superior performance, easy handling.

2.Big observation window, clear field of view.

3.Nozzle pressure adjustable.

4.Need few repairs.

5.Abrasives and liquid automatic cycling, no jam.

6.Using the newly developed abrasive aluminum casting pump (with PU lining), with high efficiency and much longer life than normal pumps.

7.No dust, environmental friendly and no harm to human body.

Widely used for industries like Bracelet,Stainless Steel,refurbishing old items, mould cleaning etc.