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FB-W02 Wet Sand Blaster

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Model: FB-W02

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Lighting lamp: 220V/13W energy saving lamp

Outer machine dimension: 1000×1000×1800mm

Working unit dimension: 995×995×780mm

Separator motor: 220V/50Hz/550W

Casing material: Stainless steel

1.Casing made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable.

2.Wet sandblasting, no dust, environmental friendly.

3.Fine sandblasting effect, high efficiency.

4.Abrasive pump made of cast steel, wear-resisting and durable, high efficiency, much longer life time than normal abrasive pump.

5.Concentrated electronic control system, easy operation, stable performance and low repair rate.

1.Cleaning all kinds of moulds, casting/forging/welding/heat treatment/stamping/machining work piece, etc.

2.Roughening work piece surface, removing mill scale/residue sand/burrs, pretreatment of painting and electroplating.

3.Could also use blast media as glass sand and plastic sand, strengthening finishing part surface.

4.Applicable for sandblasting mass production of small/medium parts.