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FB-M01 High-efficiency Portable Sandblaster

  • M01 Portable Sand Blaster

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Model: FB-M01

Capacity: 200L

Diameter: 600mm

Height: 1350mm

Weight: 145kgs

Working Pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

All standards models of Portable Abrasive Blaster are available with and without Remote Control Version.

In five standard models having cleaning rate from 3 to 20 sq-meter/hr.Tungsten carbide venturi nozzles in 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm bore. Air requirement varies as per model from 45 cfm to 250 cfm at 80 psi.

When you buy Portable Pressure Blaster, consider the following features, many of these are either totally absent in competitive makes or are supplied at extra cost. FB-M01 is a package unit - Complete for operation.

1. Automatic Filling Value

The machine is provided with automatic musroom valve (Filling Valve) for quick refilling of abrasive.

2. Tungsten Carbide Venturi Nozzle

The long & short series convergent-divergent tungsten carbide lined blasting nozzle ensures high velocity, evently distributed blast pattern & higher blasting output and provides lower wear, longer life and greater resistance against breakage.

3. Blast Hose

The blast hose is highly abration resistance with improved mixing valve outlet for longer life, high flexibility with lower bend radius & light weight and electrically antistatic for safe operation.

4. Abrasive Control Valve

The machine is fitted with pinch valve with hand wheel to control the abrasive flow through blast nozzle.

5. Abrasive Sieving

A wire screen is fitted with pneumatic vibrator to sieve abrasive to avoid blast line choking.

6. Abrasive Tank Construction

Abrasive tank is fabricated from tested quality steel plate in accordance with IS-2825 and hydraulically tested at 250 psi.

7. Automatic Exhaust Valve

It vents outlet air and thereby machine is depressurised instantly. Valve opens automatically with stop of air supply to machine and vice-versa.

8. Air Filter & Pressure Gauge

An online air filter and pressure gauge is provided.

9. Ball Valve

The machine is fitted with ball valve having stainless steel ball (An anti-corrosive material) to ensure full air flow without pressure loss.

It is recommended to perform blasting operation inside Blast Room which consist of an Enclosure, Dust collector, Recovery System (Semi/Automatic), Work handling system etc. The size of Blast Room is mainly governed by size of Job, No. of Operators etc.

Widely used for ship building/repairing, pretreatment of steel-structured bridge/railway/container/petrol chemical facility etc., anti-corrosion processing, fancy sandblasting of jeans wear, etc.