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FB-M03 Electronic Control Double–gun High-pressure Sand Blaster

  • Portable Sandblasting Machine

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Model: FB-M03

Height: 1200mm

Diameter: 700mm

Volume: 0.3m3

Working pressure: 7bar(kg/cm 2 )

Sandblast gun qty: 2pcs

Compressed air flow: 6 m³/min

1.Importing abrasive valves, pneumatic abrasive control valve, sandblast air valve and pneumatic remote switch, etc. directly from U.S.A, composing the most advanced and most reliable pressure feed sandblasting system.

2.Abrasive valve and abrasive control valve controlling the abrasive flow precisely, adjusting the abrasive flow volume randomly, opening or closing abrasive flow anytime, reaching top high sandblasting efficiency and reliability.

3.Sandblast gun equipped with pneumatic control switch, remote controlling the abrasive valve and sandblast air valve easily.

4.Sturdy and durable casing, easy handling, high sandblasting efficiency, powerful impact, deep striking point, safe and reliable.

Widely used for irrigation works, ship, sluice gate, petroleum, thermal spraying, farm machinery, drilling platform, steel structure, bridge, big mould, outdoor anti-corrosion, stone, glass, glass fiber reinforced plastics industries, etc.