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FB-A01 Automatic Transmission Sandblaster

  • Automatic Sandblasting Machine

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Model: FB-A01

Size: 3600*800*2800mm

Dedusting Cabinet Dimension: 1000*1000*2000mm

Power/Lighting: 380V/50Hz, 220V/13W fluorescent lamp 2pcs

Dust Blower: 3.5Wh

Gun Qty: 12pcs (Aluminum alloy, with boron carbide nozzles)

Working Pressure: 5-7 bar(kg/cm²)

Total Power: About 8KW

Total Weight: About 1.85Tons

1. Cabinet welded by 3-10mm thickness steel plate, key paint spraying area and sandblasting area protected with silicon rubber.

2. Multi-guns with 8mm boron carbide nozzles, guns fixed with racks, automatic swinging, swinging speed, sandblasting distance, angle and position adjustable for best sandblasting performance.

3. Novel design, simple and reliable structure, easy handling, high processing efficiency and low energy consumption.

4. Equipped with separator, could separate the useful abrasives from the waste dust to reduce the abrasives consumption.

Applicable for pretreatment of spray coating/electroplating/painting etc., eliminating the dirt/scratches on the surface of plate material, matte surface handling, removing dusts on the casting parts/welding parts/heat treatment parts/stamping parts/electronic parts, etc., removing the brightness of oxide skin to gain well-proportioned sandblasting surface, etc.