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FB-A02 Automatic Blasting While Sucking Sand Blaster

  • Automatic Sandblasting Machine

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1. Model: FB-A02

2. Maximum pressure:80kpa

3. Maximum vacuum:45kpa

4. Maximum flowrate:1000m3/h

5. Motor power:18.5kw

6. Voltage:380V

7. Dimension:1600×950×1000mm

1. Abrasive sand 100% automatically recycled, automatically separated, and automatically circulated, no pollution.

2. With advanced, unique and reliable control system.

3. Easy operation and good flexibility.

4. Processed surface cleanliness index reaching level Sa2.5,Sa3(ISO8501-1).

5. Processed surface roughness index reaching Ra0.5-150um (ISO8503-1).

6. Truly realizing “on line” and “environmental protection” function.

Applicable for occasions with pollution-free requirement and sandblasting repair work for small area on the construction site, typically applied for sandblasting the surface of extrusion roller, metallic roller and plastic roller of plastic products.


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