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DP-6331i/DP-6333IB/DP-6335IB/ Professional Airless Paint Sprayers

  • DP-6331i Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

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Model: DP-6331i DP-6333IB DP-6335IB
Type Electric + piston Electric + piston Electric + piston
Motor power 1800W 2000W brushless 2000W brushless
Pressure controlling Electronical Electronical Electronical
Flow rate 3.8L/min 5.0L/min 6.0L/min
Max. tip size 0.031" 0.033" 0.035"
Max.pressure 210bar / 3040psi 210bar / 3040psi 210bar / 3040psi
Spraying pressure 150bar / 2100psi @ 0.029" 150bar / 2100psi @ 0.031" 150bar / 2100psi @ 0.033"
Electric motor PMDC motor Brushless motor Brushless motor
Dimension 64*58*84cm 70*51.5*87cm 70*51.5*87cm
Net Weight 35kgs 40kgs 43kgs
1.Reliable electronic Pressure Control delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation at all spraying pressures.
2. Chrome coated trolly cart with big wheels for easy moving and transportation.
3. Strong power PM DC motor with plastic cover enclosed design protects motor components from dirt, dust and overspray to extend motor life; Reliable performance motor has better output and longer lifetime than any others in China.
4. Stainless steel fluid section is durable, lightweight and rust proof; could be used for both water-based and also oil-based paint.
5. Low speed and less worn, European material made v-packing set. we can ensure the longest lifetime for our piston rod & v-packing , up to 60000 square meters.
6. High quality motor could be used for 5 years or more.
7. Equipped with pump manifold and filter screen for less pressure pulse and fluid filtering.
8. This high quality Airless Paint Sprayers are improved design to Wagne PS3.31 & PS3.34 and Graco Ultramax 1095 & Mark V , with new improved fluid pump for easier disassembling, and also improved piston rod / v-packing for longer lifetime than Germany paint sprayers.
DP-6331i/DP-6333IB/DP-6335IB/ Professional Airless Paint Sprayers are designed to be used everyday on all residential, industrial and commercial applications spraying with one gun or two. The machines are powerful and reliable for spraying all materials from stains, lacquer, enamel, latex, epoxy, putty, and other medium to high viscosity coatings.
Airless pump, DP-6371 airless spray gun with tip and tip guard, 15m high pressure hose, suction tube, lubricating oil, manual.


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