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FB-D01 Dustless Sandblasting Equipment with automatic abrasive recycling

  • Feng Blast Dustless Sandblasting Machine

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Model: FB-D02

Working Power: 380V/50Hz

Air Pressure: 5-7kg/cm2

Gas Consumption: 3m3/min

Motor Power: 4kw

Working Efficiency: 6-10m2

Working Radius: rated 10m, max. 20m

Working Form: Automatic Cycle Recovery

Clean Level: Sa2-3

Roughness: About 60um

Weight: 260kgs

Outer Dimension: 1380×830×1700mm

Sand Material Specifications: Above 20-100#(1.0mm-0.04mm)

1. Technologies introduced from overseas, currently the most advanced environmental protection sandblasting equipment in domestic market.

2. Highest processing efficiency among the same type in domestic market.

3. Combining sandblasting, recycling, circulation, separation and dust removal, no dust and no pollution.

4. Working environment reaching GB-103328-10333-89 Health Standard.

5. Automatic feeding, after putting the sucking head into the abrasives, the vacuum pump system will feed automatically.

6. Clean level reaches Sa2-3.

7. Multifunctional, combining the advantages of Open Type, Industrial Sucking Type and Environmental Protection Type.

8. Adopting special control circuit, working pressure adjustable within 0.2Kpa-0.8Kpa, could meet requirements of different sandblasting process.

Suitable for removing rust, cleaning paint, welding treatment, removing burrs/flashes/oxide skin, matte finishing of stainless steel/aluminum items, removing dirt on concrete/carving stone surface.