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FB-C01 High Pressure Sandblasting Cabinet

  • High Pressure Blast Cabinet C01

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Model: FB-C01

Working cabinet dimension: 1180×1180×980mm

Outer dimension: 1200×1200×2580mm

Dedust cabinet dimension: 800×800×1780mm

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Lighting lamp: 220V/20W energy saving lamp

Separator motor: 220V/50HZ, 0.55-3KW

Air volume: 8.5m3/min

Working pressure: 2-8bar(kg/cm2)

Weight: 380kgs

1.Novel design, easy operation.

2.Good processing performance, low energy consumption.

3.Automatically recycling sand, reducing abrasive consumption.

4.Equipped with automatic dedusting system.

5.Main parts imported from abroad, long lifetime.

Applicable for pretreatment of electroplating/paint spraying, improving adhesion, heat treatment/removing mill scale/removing residues/derusting/removing oil/refurbishing for all kind of moulds/castings/metal/non-metal, finishing all ceramic products/glass products/plastic products, etc.