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FBS-G01 Glass Beads

  • Sandblasting Glass Abrasive

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Model: FBS-G01

Physical properties:

Specific gravity:2.5g/cm3

Bulk density:1.5g/cm3

Mo type hardness:6-7

Typical composition:







Package:25kgs per bag

Standard specifications:

Size no. Size(um)

30# 400-600

60# 200-400

80# 150-250

100# 100-200

120# 100-150

150# 70-150

180# 70-110

220# 50-100

280# 40-70

320# 1-50

1. Main ingredient as silica, no chemical activity interference, sphere shape particles, resistance to impact, could be recycled, lower down abrasive consumption.

2. Small wear to the nozzles, extending the using lifetime of the nozzles, little damage to the work piece, little influence to the precise size of work piece.

3. After shot peening processing, surface of work piece becoming smooth and special aesthetic feeling, improving the value of the work piece.

1. Shot peening space parts to eliminate stress and increase fatigue strength, reducing friction and wear.

2. Pretreatment before anode processing and electroplating processing, cleaning the surface and increasing adhesion area.

3. Cleaning the welding bead of stainless steel and aesthetic processing, like removing surface scratches etc.

4. Cleaning and derusting for thread cutting mould.

5. Removing the shape agents from the rubber mould.

6. Road signs with glance.

7. Adornment of art ware appearance.


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