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FB-H01 High-Pressure Abrasive Sand Blaster

  • High Pressure Sand Blaster

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Model: FB-H01

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Lighting lamp: 220V, 13W energy saving lamp

Outer dimension: 900×900×1750mm

Separator motor: 220V/50Hz/1000W

Air volume: 8.5m3/min

Bearing capacity: 150kgs

Working pressure: 5-7bar(kg/cm2)

1.Low energy consumption, good processing effect.

2.This abrasive blaster equipped with manual cart turn plate, easy handling for big/heavy items.

3.Automatic circulation, combining cyclone separator and cloth bag to remove dust, low abrasives consumption.

4.Critical parts imported from overseas, long lifetime.

The abrasive blasting equipment is applicable for pretreatment of electroplate for metal work piece, cleaning casting/stamping/heat treatment work piece, removing oxide skin, derusting, refurbishing old items, etc.