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Safety Attentions While Operating a Sandblasting Machine.

In order to avoid any safety problems occuring while operating a sandblasting machine, please pay attention to below safety attentions.

1. Make sure the ground connection facilities work well.
2. If abnormal working status occurs, stop sandblasting immediately. Only after the problem is solved, could sandblasting process be restarted.
3. The protection rubber in the cabin should be checked at a regular period, if found broken, it should be changed to a new one in time.
4. While operating the sandblasting machine, please pay attention to the sealing status of the Dust Cabin door and Main Cabin door, if found leakage, shut down the machine immediately. Only after the leakage problem is solved, could the machine be restarted for work.
5. Check the abrasion status of the protection rubber cover of the air nozzle regularly, if seriously abraded, change to a new one immediately, otherwise the using life of air nozzle, jet nozzle, protection rubber cover of the jet nozzle and also the aluminum chassis will be greatly shortened.