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DP-6880 Heavy Duty Airless Paint Sprayer for Putty Plaster 4HP 8L/min

  • DP-6880 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer for Putty Plaster

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Model: DP-6880
Motor Power: 4HP 3000W 3-phase, 380V/ 50HZ, 220V / 50HZ
Max. Flow Rate: 8L/min
Max. Pressure: 25Mpa / 250bar / 3625psi
Max. Tip Size: 0.041″
Length of Standard Hose: 10mm *10m / 1 roll ,  8mm*10m/ 1 roll ,  8mm*2m / 1 roll
Max. length of hose: 90m
N.W./G.W.: 75kgs/93kgs
Dimension: 69x64x93cm

1. This heavy duty airless paint sprayer equipped with 3 phase asynchronous  motor, low round speed but very strong power.

2. Long-life chromate treatment Piston Rod, Sleeve, oversized Packings(Total 16pcs.).  The piston rod & V-packing are 4mm bigger than before, which offer much more delivery volume  for heavy duty spraying jobs.

3. Electric control box.

4. Build-in tool box for easy store up of the frequently-used tools and spare parts like tip, packing, filter etc.

5. Equipped with delta connection frequency converter and the advantages are as below.

A. Set password for each machine.

B. Saves more than 50% power.

C. Motor soft start and stop, stabilization, less impaction, NO temperature rise even after  8 hours working.

D. 220V 1-phase, 380V 3-phase, 50HZ or 60HZ is adjustable by setting the frequency converter.

E. Motor speed adopts frequency conversion control according to the size of the tip  & the viscosity of the paint.


DP-6880 Heavy Duty Airless Paint Sprayer is is the largest capacity electric airless piston pump for now. It’s specially designed for spraying white cement, putty plaster, texture, gypsum, drywall mud, inorganic zinc coating and epoxy zinc-rich primer, ideal choice for professional contractors.

Airless piston pump, spray gun(with tip and tip guard), hose, extension pole, seal kit, manual.


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