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Greetings from Feng Blast/Sandblasting Equipments

Dear Sir/Madam,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
We’d like to introduce FENG BLAST to you today. We are a professional manufacturer for all kinds of sandblasting equipments, specializing in manufacturing / R& D the sandblasters for over 10 years.
Our product covering from traditional pressure feed sandblaster, suction feed sandblaster to automatic blaster, from portable sand blaster, sandblast cabinet, sandblast room to dust-free sandblasting system. Welcome to visit our website for more details, and I truly hope you could find your wanted items there.
To our honorable buyers who already in good business relationship with us, we’d like to say big THANK YOU for your great support in 2012. Without your continual and sincere support to our business, we couldn’t have achieved such great success today.
William Guo/Sales Manager
Ningbo Qianfeng Machinery Company